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Unsurpassed Quality and Design

Fine craftsmanship and quality is what you'll find when you visit Bastion Jewellers in our downtown Nanaimo location. Whether you're shopping for a special ready-to-wear piece of jewellery, or wanting to bring your vision to life through a custom design, you can depend on our friendly and knowledgable staff to help you find or create that special piece that says perfection.

Looking for something local? We've got a wonderful selection of pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings all made by local artisans.

Here at Bastion, jewellery is more than bling. It's a personal expression of your individuality. When we combine our expertise with your vision and inspiration, we can create a true work of art. As with all art, the design process and creation of your one-of-a-kind piece takes time, but the end result will be worth the wait.

Bill practices traditional jewellery making the old-fashioned way. He carves master models out of wax to create custom designs then hand-fabricates the piece which gives him the freedom to make exceptionally beautiful, high-quality finished jewellery. Whether it's a favourite logo, ring design, or an art-deco reproduction of an antique item, we create custom items in gold, silver, platinum, or a new blend of platinum-silver.

During the past 25 years, we at Bastion Jewellers have dedicated ourselves to our craft and have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with many exceptional artists within the industry. One such artist is master goldsmith, Anthony Wicks, whom we are now welcoming to our team. Anthony started his training at Sir John Cass School of Art in London, England, where he earned his City and Guilds accreditation and then completed a five-year apprenticeship in London's West End where he trained in hand-fabrication of antique reproductions and art-deco designs. We know Anthony's attention to detail and demand for excellence will ensure our clients continue to receive the highest level of service and workmanship we are known for.

We can also assist you with the restoration of antique and estate jewellery. From minor repairs to full restorations, you can trust your jewellery treasures with us. With caring hands, we employ old-world artistry and today's technological advances to restore your jewels to their original beauty and luster.

We look forward to having you come to our showroom and to helping you find, create, restore, or repair that extraordinary piece that will hold special memories for years to come.

We also carry a variety of jewellery crafted by local artisans.

– Bill and Jean Carter



Canadian Diamonds and Precious Gems From Around the World

Canada has become one of the world's largest diamond suppliers and has taken a leadership role within the industry by ensuring the diamonds are produced with adherence to ethical and environmental guidelines. When you purchase a Canadian diamond, you can feel confident that you are supporting an industry that employs fair and safe labour practices. With your Canadian diamond purchase, you will receive a certificate that states the cut of the diamond, the rough weight, and the polished weight, as well as the Canadian diamond certification number.

If you're looking for something more exotic, you will want to browse through our fantastic selection of Diamonds and other precious stones from around the world.


Make something old new again by recycling some of your broken or unwanted gold. If you're having a custom designed piece made for you, bring in your broken or unwanted jewellery and apply the value towards the price of your one-of-a-kind design.

Antique and Estate Jewellery

We stock a wonderful variety of jewellery that has been recovered from estates, including many pieces with special gems all with their own story to tell. Through careful examination, we are able to date each piece by studying the cut of the stone and identifying the period during which the stone itself and the design style were most popular.


If you have some pieces you are interested in selling, bring them in and we can discuss the possibility of selling them on consignment for you. Consignment is a great alternative to selling the jewellery for its value in gold because often times these unique pieces can continue to have a special meaning in another person’s life.

Replacement Estimates

If your existing jewellery collection is ever lost or stolen, there is someone at Bastion Jewellers who can help you identify similar pieces in our showroom in order to provide replacement cost estimates to your insurance company. Simply bring in a list of your lost or stolen items, and we can help identify the lost items for you. With such a large inventory, you will be sure to find similar items to help us price-match what was taken.


We staff a third-party certified Gemologist for all of our appraisals.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Buyers

Thinking of selling something gold, silver, or platinum? Once your decision is made, we'll be happy to give you the best rate possible, which is often higher than other establishments. During this process we'll be able to evaluate your items and advise you if it's a priceless heirloom that would be best kept.

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